Emergency Shelter Plans


Whether you need an emergency shelter for your family after a hurricane or storm or simply a portable work shelter while your office is out of commission, a Cruise America RV can make unexpected situations less stressful.

When you're concerned about keeping your family safe, knowing where you'll sleep at night should be the least of your worries. So don't wait for a disaster - make your emergency shelter plans now.


If you need an emergency shelter quickly, rent an RV from Cruise America. Cheaper than a hotel room, your RV can be your home on wheels, so you can travel to a safe place, camp out in RV campgrounds, or stay with a friend or relative without taking up all their space. And if it's safe to go home but your home's been damaged, simply bring your RV with you. You'll have a place to sleep, cook and spend time with your family while you repair your home.

To plan for a disaster, find out where the nearest Cruise America RV rental offices are now. With 132 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, there may be several. Then, if you are in an emergency, call ahead to reserve your RV - supply could be limited during peak times.


If you live in a dangerous location or expect to need a portable shelter frequently, consider purchasing an RV from Cruise America. When you own a motor home, you can keep it stocked with disaster essentials at all times, so you'll never be without your emergency shelter.

Cruise America has thousands of used RVs for sale at locations throughout the U.S. - many in hurricane zones and other areas where portable shelters might be needed. And once you own an RV, not only will you be prepared for disaster, but you'll also have fun family vacations and road trips at your fingertips year-round. See our list of RV sales center locations for the one near you, and start shopping.

Once you own an RV, you'll want to keep it ready and stocked for an emergency at all times. After you return from a vacation, make sure you leave your RV clean - including fresh linens and towels, a full tank of fuel, plenty of water and propane. You can also stock the RV with supplies like batteries, canned food, first aid supplies and pet supplies. Having all the essentials organized and ready to go can save you valuable time in an emergency.


Whether you choose to buy an RV or just rent one, Cruise America makes it easier to stay safe and warm during an emergency. Although we hope you'll never need it, having an emergency shelter plan in place is essential.

For even more ideas on unique uses for our RVs, visit Cruise America today. From fun family vacations and road trips to cross-country moving and more, Cruise America is the way to go.