South Carolina Deer Season: Top Tips, Hot Spots, and Regulations

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Ask an American what the greatest national pastime is, and their automatic answer will likely be baseball. That may be true in terms of sports, but overall, there is actually a greater and older American outdoor pastime — hunting! And American hunters are blessed with plentiful game all across the country, with bear, duck, deer, and turkey as popular prey.

Deer, though, represent one of the more challenging kinds of prey for hunters, with fantastic hearing and even better-smelling senses. Even so, many hunters consider deer to be their favorite targetWhen looking for places to hunt for deer, South Carolina is always a good option — especially when combining deer hunting in South Carolina with RV camping!

What To Know About South Carolina Deer Season

Curious about what it’s like to go deer hunting in South Carolina with an RV? Read on to learn all you need to know before you go!

Get Your Hunting License First

Before you go hunting during deer season in South Carolina, there are some things you need to arrange beforehand (aside from an RV rental) — namely, a hunting permit and a big game permit. You can purchase SC hunting and big game permits online, but know that prices differ between South Carolina residents and visitors. There are also price differences between big game permits to hunt antlered deer and antlerless white-tailed deer and bucks.

One advantage of buying SC hunting tags online is that you can use your order number to hunt deer statewide immediately. However, if you’re deer hunting in South Carolina, you’d normally need to actually have your big game permit with you; if you can’t wait, you can print out temporary tags from the hunting page of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources after your purchase (viewable under the “View your Current Privileges” option.)

When Is South Carolina Deer Season?

When deer season in South Carolina starts depends on what sort of weapons you’ll be using for deer hunting and also on where you’re planning on going hunting. Bow and crossbow hunters in South Carolina get a head start from September 15th-30th, primitive weapon-using hunters can get in on the action from October 1st through October 10th, and gun hunts begin October 11th; gun hunting season lasts till January 1st. According to South Carolina Hunting eRegulations, “Legal hunting time for deer is the time between one hour before official sunrise until one hour after official sunset.”

Tip: There is actually a bit of wiggle room with the dates for archery and gun hunting. South Carolina is broken up into four different hunting zones, and archers hunting for deer don’t have to wait until September if hunting in Zone 4; they can hunt there from August 15th through the 31st. And if waiting until the second week of October is too much for gun hunters, Zone 4 allows gun hunts from September 1st through January 1st.

Where To Go Hunting During Deer Season in South Carolina

There is decent hunting to be found all over South Carolina. However, most experienced hunters consider the Lowcountry (an area located on the Palmetto State’s southeastern Atlantic coastline) to be the best place for deer hunting in South Carolina.

If you’re looking for regular game, the Lowcountry offers numerous opportunities, while Allendale, Hampton, and Orangeburg counties are considered top spots for larger bucks.

How To Go RV Camping for Deer Hunting in SC

What’s it like going camping in an RV while deer hunting in South Carolina? Well, since most of the game you’re looking for shy away from developed campgrounds, you’re likely going to need to go boondocking. You don’t want your prey to be too alert to your presence, right? Well, boondocking and deer hunting are just about the perfect combo. You’re off the grid and off the radar of the big game you’re hunting.

Keep in mind that you need to be extra-prepared when boondocking. There’ll be no hookups, no outdoor restrooms or comfort zones, and no water. It’s just you, your rig, and nature. If you’re planning on using any appliances or staying warm overnight (since hunting season coincides with lower average temperatures), you’ll need to be stocked up on propane — any stores capable of filling up your tank will be a good distance away.

As long as you’re cool with roughing it (or, as close to “roughing it” as you can be when sleeping in the comfort of an RV), deer hunting while boondocking can be a really fun time for all!

Another option is RV camping in developed campgrounds during deer season. 

Palmetto Shores RV Resort

Palmetto Shores RV Resort is located in Summerton, SC along the shores of Lake Marion. This RV campground offers big-rig-friendly sites with campground-wide free Wi-Fi, swimming pools, a splash pad, a playground, a private beach, a private boat ramp, and dock slips.

More Information: Palmetto Shores RV Resort

WillowTree RV Resort and Campground

WillowTree RV Resort and Campground is just 12 miles from the beach and is conveniently located in the Grand Strand. This RV resort swimming pools, a basketball court, a laundry room, a game room, a dog park, catch-and-release fishing, a jacuzzi, bike trails, and more.

More Information: WillowTree RV Resort and Campground

Florence RV Park

Florence RV Park is located off Interstate 95 in Florence, South Carolina. It offers RVers a comfortable campground with free Wi-Fi, a playground, a dog park, catch-and-release fishing, a basketball court, horseshoe pits, a pool, and much more. The spacious RV sites also have fire pits for evening campfires with the family.

More Information: Florence RV Park

Go Deer Hunting in South Carolina with Cruise America

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