RV Camping Near Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park


Travel to Burkesville, KY, and you’ll find Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park: an expansive destination that features 3,400-acres of nature’s paradise in the form of forest-covered hills, enormous reservoirs, plateaus, and a fascinating local tale. For many RV travelers, this sounds like a getaway to one of the finest areas in the southeastern U.S. 

There’s fishing, hiking, bird watching, and several other activities. If you are ready to embark on another adventure to the Bluegrass State, this handy guide is for you! Read on to learn more about the uniqueness of this park and set yourself up for another memorable RV camping adventure with your loved ones.

Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park Facts

Here are some intriguing facts you should know about Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park and its surroundings.

  • The nearby Dale Hollow Dam covers over 27,000 acres of water and is located on the Kentucky/Tennessee border.
  • The reservoir, which was completed in 1943, is used for both flood control and generating electrical power.
  • The south-central part of Kentucky was once used as a military reserve district for soldiers of the Revolutionary War.
  • Dale Hollow Lake covers 620 miles of shoreline and is filled with several fish species, including muskie, walleye, and trout.
  • You can engage in some cave exploration by going on a guided tour of the Cindy Cave.

Best Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park Campgrounds

Burkesville boasts several campgrounds equipped with well-established amenities and attractions to keep you active during your visit. Read on to learn about RV parks near Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park.

Down Yonder Campground

Amenities: There are a couple of perks when it comes to spending a night at Down Yonder Campground: it’s quiet, it has a fully-furnished DYC lodge, and it is located near Dale Hollow Lake. Overnight visitors can indulge in many water recreational activities, including fishing, boating, and even soaking up under the sun. 

The sites here provide access to water, sewer, and trash. The DYC lodge has a kitchen, a queen bedroom, and several log bunk beds.

Capacity: 11 RV sites

More Information: Down Yonder Campground

Deep Valley Campground

Amenities: Do not let the 50-plus-minute drive to Dale Hollow Resort deter you from spending a night at Deep Valley Campground. This is a popular option if you are looking for flexibility regarding an overnight visit. You can opt to stay at one of their premium sites that come with water, electricity, and Wi-Fi access. 

You can also reserve a two-night minimum stay at one of their home-style cabins. Keep in mind that while you do have access to a pool, day campers must leave by five in the afternoon. 

Capacity: 28 RV sites

More Information: Deep Valley Campground

Banks of the Cumberland Campground 

Amenities: Located on the Cumberland River, the Banks of the Cumberland Campground is your best option for a family-friendly setting coupled with exposure to pleasant outdoor scenery. Enjoy access to nearby restaurants, a grocery store, and direct access to the Sulfur Creek Resort for some fishing.

The sites here are equipped with 50 amp services and sewer hookups. That said, public bathrooms are not available here.

Capacity: 12 RV sites

More Information: Banks of the Cumberland Campground

Dale Hollow Dam Campground

Amenities: Dale Hollow Dam Campground is a great selection for recreational adventures in the vicinity of green hills. Fishing, water skiing, and boating are just some of the few activities visitors can engage in at the nearby Obey River. You can also go hiking and mountain biking through the surrounding forest. The sites are single-family campsites with access to picnic tables, fire rings, and electric hookups.

Capacity: 76 RV sites

More Information: Dale Hollow Dam Campground

Kendall Campground

Amenities: The first thing to note about Kendall Campground is that it overlooks the Cumberland River, which makes for pleasant aquatic scenery. Visitors can explore over 1,200 miles of shoreline and engage in several water-based activities, including fishing and kayaking. If desired, there is also a basketball court and several playgrounds for visitors to enjoy.

Each site has picnic tables, fire rings, and electric hookups. You also receive access to showers and dump stations

Capacity: 116 RV sites

More Information: Kendall Campground

Best Time To Visit Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park for RV Camping

For the most part, the temperatures in Burkesville fluctuate throughout the year. Read on to learn more about what you can expect each season.


The winter season presents some challenges for first-time visitors. In January, average low temperatures hover around 29 degrees Fahrenheit with an average high of 46 degrees. On top of that, overcast weather is common throughout this period. The one advantage of a winter visit is that tourism is considerably slow during this period.


Springtime brings some noticeable changes. Rain becomes more frequent with roughly eight days of precipitation each month. By April, visitors can expect average highs up to 69 degrees Fahrenheit, coupled with average lows of 48 degrees. The afternoons are a great time to go hiking and mountain biking on the park’s trails. Keep in mind that humidity steadily increases as you get closer to the summer season. 


It’s no surprise that summertime is the busiest season for tourism in Burkesville. Temperatures rise to a pleasant mid-70s by June. However, humidity runs high in this area, especially in July. When you combine this with intense periods of rain in June, the results can be a challenging summer camping experience for first-time visitors. Take advantage of those sunny days by exploring Dale Hollow Lake.


Visitors can expect several changes in the fall. By October, the average high temperature hovers at around 57 degrees Fahrenheit and overnight lows fall to the upper-40s. Wind speeds begin to increase around this period, so it may feel chiller than the actual temperature. However, it doesn’t rain as often since precipitation drops to around 0.04 inches. If you are visiting during this season, take some time to explore the park’s multi-use trails.

Things To Do in Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park

Now that you have settled on the best time for a visit, it’s time for some fun! Here are some of the best activities at Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park.

  • Hiking: With over 15 miles of trails open to visitors, hiking is the best way to immerse yourself in the surrounding nature. For a simple leisure experience, try the half-mile Ranger Loop, which takes you around the park’s campground. If you want to test yourself, the eight-mile Boom Ridge Trail should do the trick. Keep an eye out for bikers and horseback riders.
  • Caving: As mentioned earlier, going on a cave tour is a popular activity at this resort. Inside the Cindy Cave, you can find bats, crayfish, and salamanders. Keep in mind that you need a permit to access the cave. You can get one from the rangers station. Finally, you can also rent helmets, knee pads, and lights. 
  • Horseback Riding: The best part about camping at Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park is that visitors have access to 24 equestrian sites. Best of all, since the trails are multi-use, visitors are allowed to bring their horses and explore the surrounding ridge tops throughout the park.
  • Fishing: As mentioned earlier, Dale Hollow Lake is home to several fish species. You can spend your afternoons relaxing under the sun casting a line in the hopes of catching largemouth bass or flathead catfish. There are several locations around the lake where you can bank fish. 
  • Bird Watching: What kind of bird species can you expect to encounter at this park? The list is abundant and includes Wild Turkey, Green Heron, Cooper's Hawk, and the Northern Bobwhite. If you head out on the Eagle Point Trail, you might encounter raptors and waterbirds along the way.   

Tips for Visiting Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park

As you finalize your plans, keep these tips in mind so you can minimize any concerns and have a memorable first-time experience.

  • All visitors (residents and non-residents) must have a fishing license to fish in Kentucky.
  • Keep in mind that the cottages at this park are not pet-friendly.
  • Remember that Wi-Fi is not available at the park’s campground.
  • Be courteous to mountain bikers and horseback riders while exploring the multi-use trails.
  • Ground fires are not permitted unless you get permission from park officials.

RV Rental for Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park

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