Cruising California in an RV Rental or Used RV


California is without a doubt a state rivaled by few others in its diversity of scenery and beauty. From beautiful expanses of beaches to high mountain lakes and incredible national and state parks, the Golden State has it all. And there is absolutely no better way to see all California has to offer than from the up close and personal intimacy of a rental or used RV.

Depending on the size of your family or traveling group, California RV rental companies offer a wide range of used or rental RVs, one of which will be a perfect fit for your comfort and pleasure.

Maybe just you and your wife are cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway in a 19-foot compact RV. Even with its economical size, you’ll enjoy the amenities of a larger unit. With the major elements of a kitchen, including dinette, stove, sink, and lots of storage. This unit also has a large cab-over bed that adds to the comfort and spaciousness it offers. This size recreational vehicle makes getting there affordable and very comfortable.

If you’re enjoying the stately redwoods with your wife and kids or another couple, move up to the standard RV size. Each of these 23 to 25-foot units really is like a home on wheels with everything you want right at your fingertips. The living area is commodious, featuring a highly functioning kitchen (with a microwave), three beds, a shower, toilet and a lot more. This size RV makes seeing California as if it’s a panorama right out your living-room window.

If you’re taking your larger family or two additional couples for a weekend down to, say, Monterey, you’ll be in the lap of luxury in a large class C RV that takes care of seven people with no sweat.

Please note that all the features and amenities of a large RV are not crammed into a small space. You can enjoy these motorhomes without bumping into each other. Now, that’s relaxing.

Whatever size of RV is right for you – compact, standard or large – you will find the perfect combination of comfort, gracious living and economy of travel with your California RV rental.