Can a British Tourist Cross the USA Canada Border in an RV?


If you’re planning to rent an RV in the US for a road trip style holiday, then you may already have considered the possibility of a road trip that takes in both the USA and Canada! An exciting two for one itinerary that does both is a really popular option, particularly with tourists making the transatlantic journey and looking to make the most of their time in North America.

But what’s the deal with crossing the USA and Canada border in an RV? We’ve got the lowdown on entry requirements and rules for crossing the border by land in an RV.

Entering the USA and Crossing by Land into Canada

In short, once you’re in the USA you can drive over the border into Canada without any additional Visa requirements.

To enter the USA as a British Citizen flying in on a full British passport as a tourist, you’ll need an ESTA visa waiver to enter.

However, some exceptions apply to this. If you’ve been in certain countries since March 2011, you’ll need to apply for a full Visa and won’t be able to use ESTA. Those countries are:

  • Libya
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • North Korea
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Yemen

Similarly, if you have been in Cuba at all since January 2021, you will also need to apply for a Visa and won’t be able to apply for an ESTA. 

For more detail on specific entry requirements for the USA, visit the website.

As a British tourist in the USA, you can then cross the border into Canada by land (different rules apply if you fly from the US to Canada) without any additional paperwork but you must still carry identification documents with you. So do be sure to carry your passport.

You’ll also need copies of booking information and other documentation provided to you by your RV rental company.

Entering Canada and Crossing the Border into the USA in an RV

To travel to Canada from the UK by air, you will need to get an Electronic Travel Authorisation, assuming you’re travelling on a full British passport.

If you plan to hire an RV in Canada, then cross the border from Canada into the USA by land (i.e driving the RV over the border) you will still require an ESTA to cross the border into the United States as well and you should obtain this at least 72 hours prior to travel.

Again, be sure to have all travel documentation for all people in your RV as well as booking information and any other documentation provided to you by your RV hire company.

Land Border Crossings

In short, yes, British tourists can drive an RV over the border from the US to Canada and back again. 

While crossing from the US to Canada by land requires no further paperwork beyond your passport and usual travel documentation, crossing into the US from Canada as a UK citizen (travelling on a full UK passport) does mean you’ll still need an ESTA.

As ever, be sure to check all official advice before departing.

It is important to note that if you rent an RV from Cruise America in either the USA or Canada, it must be returned to the same country in which it was rented. It is possible to rent one of our motorhomes from one place within the USA or Canada and return it to another location within the same country with prior approval.