5 Favorite Cross Country RV Trip Ideas to Try Next

Do you dream of cruising down the highway, windows down and music turned up, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the ever-changing scenery? If so, a cross country RV trip may be your perfect vacation! Sure, you can take shorter day trips, but there’s nothing quite like the freedom of the open road and being able to stop and explore – or camp! – virtually whenever and wherever you wish. 

Perhaps you prefer to relax on sandy beaches or explore quaint mountain towns. Maybe you’re more the type to immerse yourself in American history. Whatever your road trip style, consider putting a cross country RV trip at the top of your travel bucket list. 

Exciting Cross Country RV Trip Ideas to Try

From one of the oldest and most popular routes in the country to a literal “road less traveled,” these five cross country RV trip ideas let you see and experience a little of everything. 

1. Historic Route 66

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The Mother Road is perhaps the most iconic cross country RV trip. Route 66 spans Los Angeles to Chicago, covering 2,448 miles. Although you can drive either direction, we highly recommend heading west for a nostalgic Americana experience. 

Stop to marvel at the Gateway Arch, the world’s largest, and add your own graffiti to the cars at Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas. See why New Mexico is called the “Land of Enchantment,” then cross into Arizona and detour to Sedona or the Grand Canyon. Celebrate the end of your trip in California with a walk on the Santa Monica Pier.

Along the way, camp at 370 Lakeside Park near St. Louis and New Mexico’s famous Enchanted Trails RV Park & Trading Post. When you’re ready to explore Route 66, start by picking up an RV at one of several convenient Chicagoland locations.

2. Border-to-Border

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Want to see the USA from top to bottom – literally? Try the Border-to-Border cross country RV trip! The route connects Canada and Mexico along US-93 and traverses vast stretches of rugged wilderness, varying from alpine mountains to southwest deserts. Don’t let that deter you, though; it also passes directly through Las Vegas. 

Start your journey in Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies. Make sure you devote at least one day to Glacier National Park to soak up western Montana’s beauty! South of the resort community of Sun Valley, Idaho, the landscape changes dramatically to desert, but it’s impressive as well. Visit Great Basin National Park before hitting Vegas, then continue into Arizona, where you can stop at the Grand Canyon, Phoenix, or Tucson before arriving at the US-Mexico border.

En route, there are excellent RV campsites near Glacier and Las Vegas. If starting in Canada, pick up your RV in Alberta. Otherwise, there are rental locations in Missoula, Montana.

3. The Great Northern

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Running 3,600 miles between Seattle, Washington, and Maine’s Acadia National Park, US-2 is the longest cross country RV trip route. The route also brings you into Canada! This trip is ideal for nature lovers, as you’ll enjoy diverse wildlife viewing and some of North America’s best landscapes. 

Kick-off your cross country RV trip by visiting Olympic National Park, then head east to equally stunning Glacier National Park. Once you cross Montana, stop at another national park, Theodore Roosevelt, in North Dakota’s famed badlands. Don’t miss taking a photo with the “world traveler sign” in Lynchville, ME!

When you need a break, camp near Glacier National Park and the Mackinac Island KOA in Michigan. We recommend picking up a rental RV near Seattle before heading out. 

4. The Loneliest Road

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Despite its name, this cross country RV trip follows a major highway (US-50) connecting the east and west coasts. The 3,200-mile trip takes you through largely rural areas and small towns, painting a picture of what TIME Magazine called “the backbone of America.” Still, you’ll also see Washington, D.C., and several capital cities. 

After departing from San Francisco, enjoy the scenic drive through Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevadas. Once you’ve passed the stretch of “America’s Loneliest Road” in Nevada, stop at any one of several national parks in Colorado. Cross the Mississippi River, stop in the Appalachian Mountains before arriving in D.C., then finish in Ocean City, Maryland, where you can enjoy fishing and beaches. 

Plan to camp along the way near Colorado’s Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and Brown County State Park in Indiana. And before leaving, pick up your RV at one of several northern California locations

5. The Great River Road

This cross country RV trip follows the Mississippi River over 3,000 miles and through 10 states. The GRR crosses over the Mississippi several times and passes through more small towns than large cities – though you’re never further than 100 miles from a casino. 

Start at the river’s headwaters near Lake Itasca, Minnesota, and travel south. You’ll finish at the Gulf of Mexico, just south of New Orleans. Along the way, visit Mines of Spain State Park near Dubuque, Iowa, stop at the St. Louis Gateway Arch, try legendary Memphis BBQ, and enjoy lively jazz and food in Baton Rouge. 

Minnesota’s Itasca State Park and Mississippi River State Park in Arkansas have year-round RV campsites for stops along the route. Simply pick up your RV in St. Paul, MN, when you’re ready to hit the road!

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