The Ultimate Camping Christmas Gifts List

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'Tis the season to be giving and the perfect time to start shopping for the camping lovers in your life. In need of camping Christmas gift ideas? Not to worry, here's a handy guide to help you shop for those special people in your life who love to go camping!

The Ultimate Camping Christmas Gift List

First up, camping Christmas gifts that appeal to all sorts of campers, whether they're out there in tents or RVs!

  1. Wick Lamp

Today, many people crave the old-fashioned feel of candlelight without the old-fashioned danger of starting a forest fire. The "Wick" stand comes in a variety of colors and lights up campsites, tents, and RVs in a whole new old-fashioned way.

  1. Hydro Flask

Chances are the campers you know like to do some hiking. Get them camping Christmas gifts that can keep them hydrated on the go! Be sure to get them a Hydro Flask sling, too, to make it easier for campers to carry their water bottle wherever they go.

  1. AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker

Those who go camping regularly like to get away from it all, but it's a good bet one thing they're not trying to escape from is their morning coffee. Get them this travel coffee press to help sleepy campers become happy campers with a cup o' joe.

  1. Retro-style 54 Qt. Legacy Igloo Cooler

It looks like a vintage ice chest and allows campers to take up to 85 cans of their favorite beverage to their site — and keep 'em chilly for a long while. What more could they ask for? If they've got bottles instead, there's a built-in bottle opener, too!

  1. EcoFlow Delta Mini Portable Power Station

This portable power station is one you may want to buy as a camping Christmas gift for yourself and your friends! It recharges in hours off of solar panels or a 12/24V car port and can power up to 12 devices with wall-style, USB, and DC outlets.

  1. Coghlan's Pop-Up Trash Can and Recycle Bin

Cleaning up a campsite is never the most fun part of a trip, but you can make it easier. These pop-up trash cans and recycle bins fold up for easy storage and keep the trash in and pests out when in use. Durable and easy to clean!

  1. His/Hers Disposable Urinals

The boondockers and seasoned hikers on your Christmas list will especially appreciate your thoughtfulness (and lack of judgment) with these disposable urinals for him and her. After all, when you gotta go, you gotta go, right?

Guide To RV Camping Christmas Gifts

The second half of this list is more specific to RV camping Christmas gifts. Consider these items for those who like to camp in a vehicle instead of a tent!

  1. RVminders (Set of 10)

There's a lot RV campers need to be aware of on the road. Driving away when everything isn't secure (steps down or hookups still connected) could prove a costly mistake. These RVminders wrap around steering wheels and are the perfect RV camping Christmas gifts to help campers truly be safe and ready to go!

  1. Shatterproof Glasses/Tumblers

Going camping doesn't necessarily mean roughing it, especially not in an RV. While some may prefer drinking out of disposable plastic cups, others will appreciate shatterproof acrylic glasses and tumblers (easy to clean and store) as camping Christmas gifts under the tree.

  1. Kindle e-Reader

Space is usually at a premium in an RV, and campers can't always bring the books they want to read with them...unless, of course, they've got a Kindle e-reader (Paperwhite or Oasis, preferably) thanks to you!

With a Kindle, your friends or family members can read on the road, by a campfire, or in the RV bedroom!

  1. Reversible Outdoor Mat (Variety of Colors)

When you give one of these reversible outdoor mats as a camping Christmas gift, you make it easier for campers to step out of their vehicle without needing to have shoes on. This means less dirt tracked in and out and more time for relaxation.

  1. Zero Gravity Chair

Speaking of relaxation, there's a lot of it to be done in one of these Zero Gravity Chairs. It takes the pressure off your back and makes for a great seat whether you're lounging by a campfire or watching a movie from a projector.

  1. Projector and Screen

There's something incredibly fun about sitting by a campfire, turning on a projector, and watching a fun movie with family and friends at your campsite. Don't spend too much; the focus is on the experience!

  1. National Park Annual Pass

You can help make trip planning a whole lot easier for the RV road trippers in your life by wrapping up and presenting America the Beautiful National Park Passes as camping Christmas gifts. Each pass gets RV owners and four guests into our national parks, saving them hundreds of dollars in entrance fees!

Go Christmas Camping With Cruise America

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