Catchy Campfire Songs for Kids of All Ages


The sun is dipping below the horizon, the fire is crackling, and someone’s broken out the s’mores ingredients. All that’s needed for a perfect evening is to get a song going around the campfire.

Singing is a great way to bring people together, and it’s a fun way to shake off a hard day of hiking, kayaking, or whatever else you and your family like to do outdoors. All you need is the right tune to set the mood for the evening.

How Fun Campfire Songs Can Change Your Experience

If you and your family have been traveling for days or weeks on end, there’s a good chance each of you is looking for a little more personal space. The kids will retreat into the entertainment of their screens and the parents into theirs, which is no way to enjoy a family vacation. What you really need is the right kind of entertainment, one that engages everyone and maybe even educates the little ones. 

There’s ample evidence that singing can change how you experience events, and songs around the campfire are no different. Keep reading to find out some of the best campfire songs for kids in each age group.

Catchy Campfire Songs for Toddlers

The best campfire songs for kids that are really young are those that parents can have fun singing to them. They’re usually pretty repetitive, so pick one that won’t drive you or your adult camping partners nuts. 

  • Kiboomers “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” - Almost every line in this song repeats itself, allowing you to sing the lyric and then have your toddler repeat it back to you. You can mime some fun gestures for going under and over things as you hunt for the bear.
  • Pink Foo “Baby Shark” - It’s a controversial pick because some parents have heard “Baby Shark” on repeat until they want to scream. For those that can still tolerate it, though, it’s a fun and simple song that will keep your toddlers attention at the campfire.
  • CoComelon “Five Little Speckled Frogs” - CoCoMelon quickly became the second most popular YouTube channel using slowed-down singing and brightly colored animation. While their videos probably aren’t very entertaining for you, the songs are great around the campfire, including
    “Five Little Speckled Frogs.” It’s essentially a “99 Bottles of Beer” type song that you can repeat repeatedly.

Catchy Campfire Songs for Young Kids

Between the ages of 4 and 9, kids are ready to sing their own songs and occasionally make up their own lyrics. At this age, you’re probably still teaching them the songs and then singing along with them after they’ve got a handle on the lyrics. 

  • Spongebob “Campfire Song Song” - Is this song incredibly annoying to adults? Absolutely, which is why kids love singing it. If you start singing, they’re sure to join in — just don’t get tripped up in the spelling section.
  • Jungle Book “Bare Necessities” - Camping is all about doing without everything but the essentials, making “Bare Necessities” an anthem for outdoor lovers. Just don’t imagine Baloo lurking out in the woods after dark - bears are never as friendly as they appear in the movies.
  • Frozen “Let It Go” - Who could forget this Disney classic? The song is great around the campfire as after some s’mores and hot chocolate; everyone will be saying, “the cold never bothered me anyway.”

Catchy Campfire Songs for Preteens

Kids between the ages of 9 and 12 are looking for some independence and may be less receptive to their parents leading the songs. You can throw out some suggestions, though, and see what interests them. At this age, your kids might take an interest in learning an instrument, so be sure to bring whatever you have on these trips.

  • Jason Mraz “Outdoors” - Performing on Sesame Street, Mraz changed the lyrics from his hit “I’m Yours” to be all about enjoying the great outdoors. It’s super catchy and will make anyone want to have an outdoor adventure.
  • Woodie Guthrie “This Land is Your Land” - Older folks might be aware of the politics behind this song, but younger kids just consider it a song about America and its beautiful spaces. It’s a perfect song to break out your guitar skills on.
  • “Home on the Range” - This classic cowboy song is always a favorite around the fire. It evokes a simpler time, of dusty travelers, majestic bison, and a glittering night sky. 

Catchy Campfire Songs for Teenagers

When they get a little older, the best campfire songs for kids are usually the ones topping the Spotify charts or classic hits. They’re usually not about camping and are just fun to sing. Even better, some of them have simple melodies that either you or someone else around the campfire can play on an acoustic guitar.

  • Barenaked Ladies “If I Had a Million Dollars” - This one is fun for teenagers to sing because you can improvise a lot of the lyrics. Not only can you sing what you’d do with a million dollars, but there’s a lot of chatter in the middle that can be filled in with whatever makes your kids laugh that day.
  • Neil Diamond “Sweet Caroline” - Neil Diamond may have written this song over fifty years ago, but everyone knows the lyrics thanks to its ubiquity at sporting events. The kids love shouting out the “ba ba ba” in the middle of the chorus.
  • Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are” - Camping songs trend towards the oldies but goodies, but Bruno Mars’s ballad “Just the Way You Are” is a contemporary campfire hit. Some sections of the lyrics are a little too uptempo for easy singing, but you can just hum along. 
  • Green Day “Good Riddance” - The song was originally written about a breakup. Still, it’s been the soundtrack to all kinds of happy moments since then, including graduations, weddings, and TV series finales. Your kids will love belting out “I hope you had the time of your life” around the campfire. 

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