3 Things to Know When Buying an RV for the First Time

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Does the RV lifestyle call to you? Are you itching to explore the world from the comfort of your own RV? Owning an RV for the first time can be pretty exciting! Whether you’ve experienced RV travel before or you’re buying an RV for the first time, there’s tons for you to explore. 

At Cruise America, we believe that you should have the best experience from start to finish when buying an RV. That’s why we’ve put together some important tips that first time RV owners should know. Keep reading to learn what to know when buying an RV for the first time. 

What to Know When Buying an RV for the First Time

Try Before You Buy

Our first tip for any first time RV buyer is to try an RV out before you buy.

First, it’s a good idea to become more comfortable with what the RV lifestyle is like. Plus, some RV sellers are unique in that you can try out their RVs before purchasing! A great way to do this is through Cruise America’s Rent-to-Buy rebate program

With Cruise America, you have up to six months from your rental return date to purchase your RV. During that time, you can enjoy the luxury of a Cruise America refurbished motorhome.

Cruise America’s RVs are built to the highest standards and specifications so that every customer only receives the best. In addition to providing high quality refurbished RVs, Cruise America also road tests every product. In the end, you’ll know that you’re receiving the best value used RV when buying from Cruise America.  
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Put Together Your RV Budget

When buying an RV for the first time, you should determine a price point you are comfortable with and your budget allows. Typically, an RV’s cost will range between $35,000 to $300,000.

A major factor that influences the cost of your RV is its RV class. When it comes to RV types, you’ll commonly see classes A, B and C RVs. 

Class A RVs are some of the larger RV types you’ll find. This large size is partially why Class A RVs range from $200,000 to $300,000 in price. 

Next up is class B RVs, which look similar to your typical van. These RVs are a bit smaller than Class A, so Class B RVs cost $100,000 to $200,000. 

Finally, there are class C RVs, which are easy to drive due to their size! Class C RVs cost around $35,000 to $50,000. 

Get Comfortable Behind the Wheel

An important thing to prepare for when you buy an RV is driving it! It’s understandable if you’re feeling a bit nervous about driving your RV for the first time. Thankfully, driving an RV is easier than it seems! 

To get started, choose an RV model that you’re comfortable with. It’s recommended that you start with a Class C RV. These RVs are smaller, making them easier to drive. 

Once you’ve chosen the RV model you’re comfortable with, make sure you know its dimensions. This is important when parking your RV when driving near other cars and passing under bridges.

Another tip for driving your RV is to ensure you maintain your speed. While you may be excited to get to your destination, don’t forget you’re driving a larger sized vehicle. Due to an RV’s size, it takes considerable power to move it and to stop it. Make it a habit to watch your speed on the road and to break early when possible. 

Hit the Road With Style in a Cruise America RV!

Now that you know more about buying an RV for the first time, you’re ready to find the RV of your dreams.

Whether you’re renting or buying, there’s no better place to buy a luxurious RV than Cruise America! 

Cruise America offers you value and selection with their well-maintained and fully-refurbished Class C motorhomes. 

Each of these motorhomes is custom-built to the rigorous specifications of Cruise America. Plus, Cruise America knows the history of each RV because they perform the maintenance on each vehicle from day one.

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