Burning Man Festival


Defined by the event’s centerpiece - a four-story-tall wooden figure of a man constructed and then burned during the festival - Burning Man is like nothing else imaginable.

First held on a San Francisco beach in 1986, the Burning Man Festival has grown to a raucous 35,000-person celebration in its new location near Gerlach, Nevada, bringing together participants from all walks of life. Known for its outlandish costumes, elaborately decorated structures and wild parties, the event is simultaneously exhilarating, life-changing and exhausting.

One of the best ways to experience this indescribable and utterly fascinating cultural phenomenon is with a Burning Man RV rental from Cruise America, the largest and most trusted RV rental and sales company in the US and Canada. Designed to keep you safe, comfortable and clean, an RV rental at the Burning Man fest will feel like a blessing.


  • Protect yourself. Burning Man is home to raging windstorms year after year. Tents blow over, dust gets everywhere and comfort gives way to sheer survival. Avoid all that in a sturdy, cozy RV.

  • Drown out sound. The Burning Man fest is known for all-night raves, drunken groups and parties high on more than just life. When you’re trying to catch a few hours’ rest, tents and tarps won’t muffle the sound. The walls of your RV will.

  • Feel fresh. Although you’ll want to conserve water usage during the event (no dumping is allowed at Burning Man), there’s nothing like a quick rinse and a private bathroom to help you feel clean and comfortable. While others trek across camp for a trip to the porta-john, you’ll simply walk across the room.

  • Eat well. With a full kitchen in every RV, you’ll find it’s easy to cook meals and prepare food. With so much happening around you, eating well will help keep you energized.

  • Sleep better. Shuteye is a precious commodity at Burning Man. With the morning sunrise coming just minutes after partiers head to bed, sleeping in is almost impossible outside. In an RV, you’ll have comfortable beds for you and your friends, as well as walls and curtains that keep glaring sunlight out - so you can rest up for the next day’s party.

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