RV Camping Near Boiling Springs State Park

In the plains of Oklahoma lies an oasis on the prairie with wide-open spaces, easygoing trails, a quiet lake for fishing, and a remote location. Boiling Springs State Park is a sparsely visited Oklahoma gem near the city of Woodward. This off-the-beaten-path destination makes it the perfect spot for restful peace and quiet in an idyllic locale. 

In this article, you’ll learn all about the park, nearby campgrounds, things to do, and more. If you’re looking for an amazing spot to rejuvenate in the solace of nature, read on for our ultimate guide to an RV camping in Boiling Springs State Park!

Boiling Springs State Park Facts 

Get acquainted with your destination to appreciate all it has to offer. Before you head out, learn a little more about this oasis on the prairie with these Boiling Springs State Park facts!
  • This Oklahoma state park was built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The state has since made plenty of updates and maintained the park well, but many of those original structures still stand.
  • Boiling Springs is a quaint piece of land with 820-square acres. The park’s off-the-beaten-path location and gorgeous natural scenery make it an idyllic spot to unwind.
  • The park’s name originates from the appearance of its landmark spring, which has underground streams rushing into the lake to create a “boiling” effect on the surface.
  • The area that makes up the park was traversed by Native Americans, Spanish explorers, and pioneers for its rich hunting grounds. Daniel Boone, a US cavalry general, built a fur trading post here in the early 19th century.
  • Today, Boiling Springs is home to plenty of wildlife, like bobcats, whitetail deer, coyotes, beavers, and opossum.

Best Boiling Springs State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds 

Boiling-Springs-State-Park-1.jpgThere are many RV parks near Boiling Springs State Park. Here are five of the best ones.

Spring Hill Campground

Amenities: This is the larger of the two RV campgrounds in Boiling Springs State Park. This is a nice choice for big rigs, thanks to the massive sites. You’ll have a ton of room to park and plenty of space to enjoy an open atmosphere. All sites have full hookups, a personal BBQ pit, and a picnic table. You can find water at the spigots and coin showers nearby.

Capacity: 29 RV sites

More information: Spring Hill Campground 

Whitetail Campground

Amenities: This is the smaller of the two Boiling Springs State Park RV campgrounds. But, big rig owners need not fear — each site can accommodate RVs up to 75 feet long. Whitetail Campground has all the amenities as Spring Hill at the same affordable price. The sites are placed in a heavily wooded area for a well-shaded and private experience.

Capacity: 10 RV sites

More information: Whitetail Campground 

Hank’s Trail RV Park

Amenities: Hank’s Trail is a simple, well-laid-out RV campground near Boiling Springs State Park that’s a good alternative to the park itself. You’ve got concrete roads and pads for easy pull-through parking, all the essential amenities, and a fair nightly rate. Full hookups are available at all sites. Restrooms with showers and a laundry room are included in your price, too.

Capacity: 50 RV sites

More information: Hank’s Trail RV Park 

Buffalo RV Park

Amenities: If you’re looking for a bare, spartan RV campground near Boiling Springs State Park with just the essentials and a price to match, check out Buffalo RV Park. This is one of the cheapest options in the area. It’s situated in a large, flat, open area with 18 basic RV sites. Electric hookups are available at each. You’ll need to use your own shower, though, since there are only restrooms on the grounds.

Capacity: 18 RV sites

More information: Buffalo RV Park 

Woodward Campgrounds and RV Park

Amenities: Woodward Campgrounds offers a quiet and peaceful setting at the end of an unassuming country road. You’ll get a nice amenities list compared to the price, plus full hookups everywhere, a convenient location near downtown Woodward, and on-site laundry. Of all the RV sites near Boiling Springs State Park on this list, Woodward has the best deals for longer stays.  

Capacity: 39 RV sites

More information: Woodwards Campgrounds and RV Park 

Best Time to Visit Boiling Springs State Park 

Boiling-Springs-State-Park-4.jpgOklahoma’s subtropical climate has some unique weather patterns that give you options about the type of experience you’d like to have. Our guide below will set you up to choose the best time to visit Boiling Springs State Park.


Oklahoma winters are typically mild. Nights do drop below freezing, so bundle up. One of the best points of Boiling Springs is the low crowd density all year. Winter RV camping in Boiling Springs State Park takes the phrase “having the place all to yourself” to a new level. Expect a stark and beautiful, snow-crusted landscape for all the solace you’d ever need.


Spring RV camping in Boiling Springs State Park is one of the best seasonal options. You’ll find temperatures at a perfect 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit on average. Days are pleasantly warm, and nights are a brisk cool for a great day from sunup to sundown. You won’t find many wildflowers if that’s one of your big draws for a spring visit, but the great weather and low humidity more than make up for it.


Summer RV camping in Boiling Springs State Park brings with it high humidity and heat. The southern winds raise the temperature to over 90 degrees on hot days. Summer also has more rainy days than any other season, making it tough to recommend it as the best time to visit. Still, this summer heat makes a dip in the water much more refreshing. This is also the high season for families if you’d prefer a more lively park atmosphere.


A fall Boiling Springs State Park RV camping trip can be another nice alternative to the high season. September to October is the sweet spot, with temperatures ranging from 55 to 80 degrees. By mid-November, you’ll find winter’s chill settling in. So if you’d like to avoid cold-weather RV camping, aim for October. This strikes a nice balance between low humidity, temperate weather, and scenic fall foliage.

Things to Do in Boiling Springs State Park

Boiling-Springs-State-Park-2.jpgNow that all the planning is done, it’s time to kick your feet up and relax. This list of things to do in Boiling Springs State Park will get you started.
  • Go swimming. Boiling Springs has a few options for swimming, including the trademark lake of its name. There’s also a pool, if that’s more your speed. Either way, taking a dip in the warmer months is the best way to cool off.
  • Hike the trails. The park has five trails of easy hiking that are okay for any skill level. Check out the Scout Trail first. It’s a 1-mile hike that crosses a creek and runs alongside railroad tracks. These trails are good options for biking or running, too, if you’d like to work up a sweat.
  • Play golf. Boiling Springs has its very own 18-hole golf course. Pack your own clubs and either rent a cart or walk the scenic grounds yourself. Enjoy about 6,500 yards of fairways, greens, and bunkers right at the park.
  • Spot wildlife. The park is home to a diverse array of wildlife that calls Boiling Springs home. Pack some binoculars and keep an eye out for whitetail deer, bobcats, raccoons, wild rabbits, badgers, and more!
  • Enjoy a picnic. Fire pits, picnic tables, and several scenic pavilions make Boiling Springs an amazing place for a picnic. There’s nothing quite like roasting dinner over an open fire in good company after a long day of exploring. 

Tips on Visiting Boiling Springs State Park 

Boiling-Springs-State-Park-3.jpgWe’re sure you’re ready to hit the road and see what makes this Oklahoma gem so special. But before you go, check out these final tips on visiting Boiling Springs State Park.
  • Practice eco-friendly camping. The park is an inviting place to have a BBQ or picnic. Just remember to clean up after yourself and leave no trace of your presence when the night is done.
  • Oklahoma’s weather can vary wildly from morning to night. It’s not uncommon to see temperatures drop as much as 20 to 30 degrees in all seasons. Pack some layers and come prepared.
  • The park is in a pretty remote location. That means driving into town for something you forgot can be a bit of a time sink. Double-check that you’ve got all you need to avoid a long and unexpected detour.
  • Boiling Springs has a lot of off-limits grassy areas. It can be a bummer to feel too restricted, but this is also one of the most heavily patrolled parks by state rangers. It’s best to abide by the rules while visiting the park.

RV Rental for Boiling Springs State Park  

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Bring the comforts of home wherever you go, and make the journey as joyful as the destination. Reserve an RV rental for Boiling Springs State Park today!