RV Camping Near Black Hawk State Park


When it comes to RV camping destinations, Iowa is no pushover state. While the state lacks natural scenery in the form of high-peak mountains or ocean views, it does offer several natural wonders to explore. Crystal caves, rolling hills, and ancient glacial deposits are some of the unique features you’ll find in the Hawkeye State.

If you’re ready to cross off another adventure off your bucket list, then a Black Hawk State Park camping adventure is what you need! Located in the small town of Lake View, Black Hawk State Park has hiking trails, a 957-acre lake, annual events, and even cross-country skiing. 

Read on to learn more about the best RV parks near Black Hawk State Park, the best times to visit, some park facts, and more!

Black Hawk State Park Facts

If you need a simple introduction, these Black Hawk State Park facts should serve you well.

  • The 33-mile Sauk Rail Trail is the only trail in Iowa that connects Black Hawk State Park to Swan Lake State Park.
  • The park’s 957-acre lake has no motor-size restrictions.
  • Multiple species of fish can be spotted in the lake, including catfish, bluegill, and sunfish.
  • The Civilian Conservation Corps built several of the park’s structures in the 1930s.
  • You can spot an abundance of wildlife on the trails.

These Black Hawk State Park facts are just the tip of the iceberg! Now it’s time to take a look at some Black Hawk State Park RV parks.

Best Black Hawk State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of quality options for your Black Hawk State Park RV camping trip. Here are some of the best RV parks near Black Hawk State Park.

Lake View City Camp Crescent

Amenities: If proximity is a top concern, then Lake View City Camp Crescent is one of the best Black Hawk State Park RV campgrounds you’ll find. Located alongside Black Hawk Lake, visitors can engage in several water recreational activities, such as boating, swimming, and paddling. Keep in mind that the campsite is only open from April 15th to October 1st.

Capacity: 167 RV sites

More Information: Lake View City Camp Crescent

Sunrise Campground

Amenities: Located on the eastern shore of Lake Storm Lake, Sunrise Campground provides primitive campsites, full hookups, laundry facilities, picnic tables, and concrete pads. If that’s not enough, you’re also within walking distance of several nearby attractions, such as King’s Pointe Waterpark and the Mandeville Disc Golf Course. As long as you have an RV rental, Black Hawk State Park is best experienced at Sunrise Campground.

Capacity: 101 RV sites

More Information: Sunrise Campground

On-Ur-Wa RV Park

Amenities: Don’t let the hour-plus drive to Black Hawk State Park deter you from spending a  few nights at On-Ur-Wa RV Park. You have access to 100-foot long pull-through sites, propane gas, recreational areas, fast food restaurants, RV supplies, and free Wi-Fi! And in case you’re wondering, you can bring your pet to the property.

Capacity: 44 RV sites

More Information: On-Ur-Wa RV Park

Riverside/Riverview Campground

Amenities: Located in the heart of Sac City, Iowa, Riverside Campground is one of the most convenient RV parks near Black Hawk State Park you’ll come across. The advantage of Riverside Campground is that it’s a relatively quiet selection that offers the most basic amenities you need for a quality camping trip. While there’s no direct sewer line, visitors receive a dump station, showers, modern restrooms, a basketball court, and a playground. Plus, all electrical sites are 30 and 50 amp.

Capacity: 20 RV sites

More Information: Riverside Campground

Black Hawk State Park Campground

Amenities: For the best Black Hawk State Park camping experience, spend a few nights at Black Hawk State Park itself. You can choose from 120 campsites, 87 of which have electric hookups. RVs between 36 and 90 feet long can fit through the spacious sites. You also get access to a large playground, a volleyball court, and a disc golf course. As long as you have an RV rental, Black Hawk State Park Campground is one option you must consider. 

Capacity: 128 RV sites

More Information: Black Hawk State Park Campground

Best Time To Visit Black Hawk State Park For RV Camping

If you’re an out-of-state visitor, it’s important to consider the kind of weather you might encounter in Iowa. With this in mind, read on to learn more about the best time to visit Black Hawk State Park.


A winter Black Hawk State Park RV camping trip will leave you shivering and longing for some hot cocoa by a fireplace. The state rarely surpasses freezing temperatures. Expect overnight lows to drop to as low as 8 degrees Fahrenheit with average highs in the low 30s. On top of that, the state receives minimal sunshine, making for a long, bitter season. That said, there are things to do in Black Hawk State Park during this season. You can enjoy some cross-country skiing and in-line skating on the park’s trails.


During the spring season, Black Hawk State Park visitors can look forward to several climate-related advantages. By April, average high temperatures hover anywhere between the 50s and low 60s. You can also expect more visitors during this season because of the absence of extreme weather conditions and the appearance of green natural scenery on the landscapes. Make sure to check out some of the hiking trails and keep an eye out for emerging wildlife. Thunderstorms become common in May, so make sure to stay up to date with any weather-related developments. 


By summer, any remnants of the bitter cold season disappear. Expect average highs to hover in the mid-80s with overnight lows in the low 50s. You can also look forward to 12 plus hours of sunshine throughout the whole season. Unfortunately, summer is prone to thunderstorms and hailstorms. Humidity is another concern since Iowa experiences at least 70% humidity during this period. Take a dip at one of the two small beaches in the park or cast a line at Black Hawk Lake.


It’s safe to say that Iowa’s fall colors, pleasant temperatures, and lack of extreme weather occurrences make this season the best time to visit Black Hawk State Park. By the beginning of October, the fall foliage reaches its peak, which means you can experience the vibrant and colorful landscapes up close. Expect average highs in the low 70s, with temperatures dropping significantly by late October.

Things To Do In Black Hawk State Park

Whether you’re into trail exploration or wildlife viewing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this park. Read on to learn more about the best things to do in Black Hawk State Park.

  • Trail Exploration. Visitors can explore up to 30 miles of trails at Black Hawk State Park. You can hike or bike the trails. Winter sports such as cross-country skiing and ice skating are permitted as well. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some active wildlife, which includes deer, waterfowl, and songbirds.
  • Fishing. Avid fishermen will be pleased to know that Black Hawk State Park is home to an abundance of fish species. Some of these species include sunfish, crappies, and bass. Best of all, you can cast your line at either the park’s nearby fish house or the lakeshore.
  • Swimming. There’s no better way to ward off those hot, humid days than by taking a refreshing dip. You’ll find two small beaches at this park. One beach is located outside the park’s campground. The other is situated on the northern shore of the park’s lake.
  • Boating. Similar to swimming, boating is another great alternative for those long summer days. With four boat launch ramps and no motor-size restrictions, water enthusiasts can take full advantage of the park’s 957-acre natural lake. If needed, you can also rent a boat down in Lake View.
  • Disc Golf. In the mood for a simple leisure activity, then spend an afternoon playing disc golf. You’ll find the park’s disc golf course near the Thirty Acres shelter. 

Tips for Visiting Black Hawk State Park

To ensure you make the most out of your first Black Hawk State Park RV camping trip, we present to you these handy guidelines. 

  • Keep in mind that the two public beaches at the park are unsupervised.
  • The shower facilities at the park’s campground are closed in the winter. 
  • While some campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis, others require a reservation.
  • Water pollution is a continual problem at Black Hawk Lake, so make sure to check the water conditions.
  • We recommend checking out the Lake View Historical Museum to learn more about the area’s history. 

RV Rental for Black Hawk State Park

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