Best RVs to Rent for Big Family Vacations

Family Friendly


Renting an RV for a family trip has countless benefits. Everyone gets to both travel and stay together as a group, it saves money by doubling as your overnight accommodations and rental vehicle, and it offers a great deal of flexibility. 

It’s much easier and less stressful to make last-minute changes to your itinerary if you’re not worried about checking in or out of a hotel at a specific time. Plus, you can choose to stay in one place longer if your family ends up loving it (one of the best parts of road-tripping and camping!). If you’re comfortable boondocking, you can even skip traditional campgrounds altogether and really do your own thing!

Regardless of what type of trip is most your style, the right RV can very literally make or break it. Particularly for larger families, there are several factors to keep in mind that can keep everyone comfortable and happy. You want enough beds and seat belts, plus plenty of room for everyone to spread out. Let’s take a look at Cruise America’s best RVs for families and groups.

Standard Features When You Rent RVs From Cruise America 

Before we dive into Cruise America’s two best RVs for families, the Standard RV and Large RV, you should know what ALL of our RV models come with. All Cruise America RVs include air-conditioning, heat, a complete bathroom with shower, a well-equipped kitchen with modern appliances, a generator, a class 3 tow hitch (which is compatible with bike racks!), and rooftop solar panels that actively charge the vehicle’s battery during daylight hours. 

And to answer one of the most common questions we hear when families rent RVs: NO, you do not need any sort of special driver’s license — even for our largest model!

Standard RV Rental

With a capacity for five passengers, the 25-foot-long Standard RV Rental is ideal for families. Sleeping arrangements include a queen bed over the cab, a double bed in the rear, and a dinette table that converts to a full-size bed. There’s also an additional small bench-style sofa, so a couple of people can still sit and relax even when others are resting. 

Some specific family-friendly features in the Standard RV include a larger-than-average refrigerator and freezer, a spacious exterior storage area, and the sink being in the main living compartment rather than the bathroom. This allows parents to simultaneously get multiple children ready for bed or to start the day, rather than everyone waiting for the sink in the bathroom! 

Cruise America also offers rental kits as an optional add-on, eliminating some of the stress of packing and freeing you up to focus on simply enjoying your family road trip!

Large RV Rental 

Cruise America’s Large RV is its biggest, coming in at 30 feet in length and with enough space for seven. The interior features a ton of flexible seating including a sofa and convertible dinette, as well as a private bedroom with a queen bed. In fact, this feature in itself is one of the main reasons that the Large RV is one of the best RVs for families!

In addition to the private queen bedroom, there’s another queen over-cab bed, and both seating arrangements in the living room convert to comfortable full-size beds. There are also blackout shades, so even those sleeping in the main living space can get a quality night’s sleep. 

Another thing families love about this large RV is all of its extra space. Inside, there are enough cabinets and nooks and crannies that everyone can have designated areas to keep their belongings neatly organized. The outside storage compartment, which is nearly double the size of the Standard RV, has plenty of room for outdoor gear and toys, plus extra food or emergency supplies. 

Standard vs. Large RV

If your group size is right on the cusp between both models and you could comfortably stay in either one, ask yourself a few questions to decide which RV may be the best fit.

  • Do you need four individual beds, or can you get by with the Standard RV’s three?
  • Is there a reason you might need an RV less than 30 feet long? For example, while not common, some national park campgrounds have a maximum length of 26-28 feet. 
  • How much luggage and additional items do you plan to bring? The Large RV’s exterior storage compartment is over 93 cubic feet, while the one on the Standard RV is about 51 cubic feet — both generous but one with significantly more space. 

Let Cruise America Help Your Family Hit the Road

We hope this overview of two of our most spacious RVs has helped you decide which model will work best for your group. Between the different size options, rental add-on kits, and nearly 130 convenient rental locations throughout North America, hitting the road to make some unforgettable family memories couldn’t be easier!