Arizona Bucket List: The 11 Best Places To Visit in Arizona


If you've ever pictured yourself visiting this electrifying oasis, it's time to make it happen with Cruise America's RV rentals. Phoenix is a great central place for everything Arizona — and with an RV rental, you can travel with ease.

With RV rentals, Phoenix may become the central hub for your desert trip. But don’t forget that there’s more to the sunny state than just its capital. Arizona has so much to offer, from national forests and parks to fishing in the many lakes — even plenty of recreation areas, so you will never run out of places to see and things to do. With so many travel destinations in and around the Valley of the Sun, you're sure to use your RV rental to its full potential.

Need some ideas for your next trip? Try any of the following statewide destinations — perfect for both Phoenix natives and out-of-state visitors. You can check each one off your Arizona bucket list as you make your way through the winding roads. 

Best Places To Visit in Arizona

With so many extraordinary places to visit in Arizona, you may want to consider breaking your Arizona bucket list into two parts — northern and southern AZ. To make your adventure planning a bit easier, we’ve divided our list of the best places to visit in AZ by these two regions. 

Northern Arizona Bucket List Items

Try Grand Canyon Camping

We know this is probably on everyone’s bucket list, but Arizona's most famous landmark is truly a phenomenal location for RV camping. In fact, Grand Canyon camping with an RV opens you up to a world of possibilities. You’ll have the opportunity to go beyond the normal tour and experience the Grand Canyon safely after the sun sets. 

Go Sedona Sightseeing

It’s said that Sedona has uplifting energy, and we agree! Now it’s time for you to come experience it first-hand. From incredible red rock formations to lush Oak trees and a babbling creek, Sedona and nearby Oak Creek Canyon must be seen to be believed. Don’t forget to spend some time soaking in the power that Sedona’s Vortex meditation sites hold. 

Enjoy Old West Fun

Located less than two hours from Phoenix, Prescott and Jerome are two picturesque Western towns with colorful pasts. Shop for antiques in Prescott or search for ghosts amongst the spooky streets of Jerome. Whichever route you choose, this Arizona bucket list item is well worth the visit (to the past!). 

Hit the Slopes in Flagstaff

When many non-residents picture Arizona, it’s all sunny skies and Prickly Pears. If this is the case, change your perspective with a trip to Flagstaff. Littered in snowy slopes during the winter months, this northern Arizona bucket list location will change the way you imagine the Valley of the Sun’s landscape. And, of course, no trip to Flagstaff is complete without a quick visit to The Arboretum. 

Explore the Lava River Cave

There’s just one more location you have to add to your “Must-Dos in Arizona” list — the Lava River Cave. Buried in the Ponderosa Pine forest sits breathtaking molten rock that tells the story of the last 700,000 years. Keep in mind that this bucket list item requires a bit of climbing and careful planning, so you’ll want to set up camp in an RV and spend a bit more time exploring all this cave has to offer. 

Southern Arizona Bucket List Items

Visit the Ghost Towns

One of the coolest places in Arizona, the ghost towns share the story of southern Arizona. Tucked away near the Mexico border, Bisbee and Tombstone are great for history buffs and families alike. Visit the OK Corral for a reenactment of Wyatt Earp's famous gunfight, then head to Bisbee for a tour deep into the heart of the Queen Mine. Step into the past and enjoy the deep history that runs through the veins of these towns. 

Experience Patagonia-Sonoita Bird Watching 

Birds are fascinating creatures, and Arizona has a prime location for the ultimate bird-watching experience. See more than 290 varieties of birds in this world-renowned sanctuary located about an hour south of Tucson.

Revel in Mountain Bliss

Whether it's a winter ski trip or a summer retreat from the heat, Pinetop and Greer offer a relaxed setting and plenty of greenery to the RV traveler. These popular summer destinations are full of family-friendly activities surrounded by the stunning AZ landscape. Set up camp and spend your vacation experiencing all these beautiful locations have to offer. 

Reid Park Zoo

If visiting every zoo in the U.S. is on your bucket list, southern Arizona is the perfect addition to your adventure. Reid Park Zoo boasts over 500 animals, covering wildlife from South America to Africa in one 24-acre location. Join the over 500,000 visitors every year who love wandering the exhibits that line this Tucson gem. 

The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures checks off two items from your Arizona bucket list — heading back to the past and shrinking to the size of the nearby wildlife. This museum is full of over 500 contemporary and antique miniature dollhouses, figurines, and more. It’s a great place to take a quick reprieve from the heat of the sun and experience life at a shrunken size. 

Fort Bowie National Historic Site

Last but certainly not least, we have the Fort Bowie National Historic Site on our Arizona bucket list. Much like other locations in southern AZ, Fort Bowie is a place full of rich history. The 3-mile long hike takes you back to a time when cultures didn’t live so peacefully together. Walk the same tracks as the U.S. Army and learn more about the trying time to the area once faced. 

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