Best Indoor Games for Winter Camping Trips


On a chilly night of camping, there’s nothing better than cozying up inside your RV rental and passing the time by playing games. These activities are the perfect bookend to a day full of adventure and will keep the fun going long after the sun has set. Here are a few of our fave indoor games that are perfect for camping trips.


Grab your game squad and get ready to laugh with HedBanz. Each player will draw a card and stick it on their headband without looking at it first. Players will then ask the group Yes/No questions to find out what is on their card. If you guess correctly, you get to place a score card on your headband; if not, you lose your next turn. The first player to receive three score cards wins! 

Photo Credit: Spin Master Games

Apples to Apples 

A party in a box, Apples to Apples is perfect for playing on the road. To begin, each player will take five red apple cards and one player, the judge, will draw a green description card. Players will then decide which of their red apple cards best matches the green description card, and hope the judge thinks their card is best. If the judge deems your apple card the winner, you get to keep the green description card. The first player to collect four green cards wins! 

You can also try Apples to Apples Junior or Sour Apples to Apples to keep the fun going all day long. If you’re looking for a more adult version, check out the card game Cards Against Humanity

Photo Credit: Mattel Games


Looking for something to get your creativity flowing? Check out Scattergories, the fun and fast-thinking categories game everyone is sure to love. One player will roll the die and flip the timer, prompting everyone to think of answers to each category on the categories list. All players will then race against the clock and try to write down as many answers as they can, including things like a musical group, notorious people, things found in your kitchen or a body of water, each beginning with the same letter. Players score points by writing down answers no one else mentioned. The more creative your answer, the more points you receive! 

Photo Credit: Hasbro Games


Get ready to test your reflexes with a clever and fast-paced card game – Spoons. All you need is a standard 52-card deck and several spoons (one less than the total number of players). Set up the game by placing the spoons in a circle at the center of the table, deal four cards to each player and form a stack with the remaining cards. The first player will draw a card from the stack and either keep it or pass along to the next player. The first to get four of a kind grabs a spoon from the center, inciting the rest of the players to follow. The one left spoon-less is kicked out of the game. Repeat until one player remains! For an extreme version, check out Giant Spoons available on Amazon. Check out this video for a visual of how to play this fun, fast-paced game:

Catch Phrase 

The fast-talking, word-guessing party game, Catch Phrase is perfect for keeping your chattier passengers entertained on the road. Break off into teams and try to get your teammates to guess the word or phrase that appears on the screen, or piece of paper for homemade versions, by describing it any way possible. The only catch – you can’t say the actual word and you must do it in record time. If the timer goes off while it’s your turn, the other team receives one point. The first to get to seven wins! 

No matter the destination, spending quality time with your loved ones is what truly makes your Cruise America RV trip stand above the rest. If you’re seeking some additional indoor activities, check out our list of non-tech boredom busters. They’re guaranteed to keep everyone in the family entertained.