4 Affordable RVs That Don't Skimp on Quality


Owning a motorhome is the dream of many travelers, but modern life sometimes seems too busy to make that dream come true. Furthermore, there is the perception that RVs are too expensive to buy and maintain, turning people away from the idea. Of course, an RV rental is always an option, but having to go through the process of booking an RV, and hoping for availability, can add a layer of stress you can absolutely avoid.

That's why it's worth looking into purchasing a used but affordable RV. Such vehicles can help bring your motorhome dreams to life, but like with any big purchase, it's smart to do your homework first.

How To Choose an Affordable RV

First things first: As you begin your search for an affordable RV, you're probably wondering, “What is the best RV for the money?” This is understandable, since even at great prices it still represents a huge investment. If you're going to spend a lot, you want to get a lot. Ultimately, that starting question can only be answered by you. So, what do you need to know, before you buy an RV for a life on the road?

You need to consider what your needs are, especially in terms of RV size and capacity. If your travel party is usually just two people, you probably don't need a 30-footer; a 20-footer might do. If you're planning on road trips with friends or immediate family, you'll want something a bit bigger. Consider, also, that RV floor plans can differ from vehicle to vehicle, so you may be able to pick up a smaller affordable RV that nevertheless seems bigger on the inside than other, actually larger RVs.

Affordable RVs for Sale from Cruise America

Those in the market for an affordable RV need to have a look at the vehicles for sale from Cruise America. These "pre-loved" RVs have seen a few things, making them revered veterans of the road. They will get you from Point A to Point Z and everywhere in between. Buying a pre-loved RV can offer considerable cost savings over newer models, so check out what's available and see what's right for you!

Your First RV: Thor Majestic 23A

If you're dipping your toes into affordable RV ownership for the first time, then the 25-foot Thor Majestic 23A is an ideal starter vehicle for you. Units in the U.S. include a power generator, with other amenities like air conditioning, a fresh water toilet, a gas cooktop, refrigerator, and shower some of the other selling points. The Majestic 23A can sleep up to six people, so grab your family and friends and get on the road.

Size and Style: Thor Majestic 28A

Another option for a family-friendly affordable RV is the 30-foot Thor Majestic 28A. A family of four could fit comfortably into a 28A, with plenty of space still left over for storage or walking around, even counting the Queen bed! The standard amenities in this traditional motorhome are similar to those in other Thor RVs, with a generator, air conditioning, gas stove, fridge, shower, and microwave. This 7-sleeper is great for cross-country trips.

Compact Choice: Thor Majestic 19G

The 20-foot long Thor Majestic 19G is small in stature and capacity, but big on amenities. While this compact, affordable RV only sleeps 3 (and is probably better-suited to a travel party of two), you still have access to a shower, fresh water toilet, microwave, fridge, and generator. For retirees who want to explore, or those embarking on regional RV tours, the Thor Majestic 19G is a solid option for cozy campground nights.

Affordable RV Alternative: Lance 650 Truck Camper

The Lance 650 Truck Camper was made specifically for those with half-ton trucks (gotta have 5 or 6-foot beds!) who hear the call of the open road. Some folks want an affordable RV experience without an actual RV, and the Lance 650 truck camper fits the bill perfectly. You get air conditioning, a gas cooktop, refrigerator, and fresh water toilet smack dab on the back of your truck with this three-sleeper camper.

Remember: Affordable RV Floor Plans Vary!

As you search for an affordable RV, it's worth keeping in mind that floor plans can differ based on the preferences of previous owners. If one model of RV doesn't seem to fit your needs, don't give up –– have a look at another of the same model, which might have a plan that's perfect for you!

Cruise America Has an Affordable RV for You!

Now that you've seen some affordable RV options, and know what is the best RV for the money for you, it's time to take the next step –– and it's a big one. It's time to get in touch with Cruise America.

With a selection of pre-loved RVs in various floor plans that can get you on the road and wherever you want to go, Cruise America is the choice of many seasoned RV travelers. Contact Cruise America today to find an affordable RV to jump start your dream of traveling the USA in your very own fantastic motorhome!