A Peek Inside a Cruise America RV Rental

Anyone who has ever seen the movies “RV” or “Meet the Millers” probably has a rough idea of what the inside of an RV looks like. Go from fiction to fact with this photo tour of the interiors
in our RV rental models.

Truck Camper ModelRV-rental_RV-interior_truck-camper-rental_1-(2).png

Perfect for solo adventures or trips with up to three people, the truck camper rental is the lean
camper’s go-to model.

Attached to an F-150, this model is easy to drive and maneuver for first-time renters.

The interior feels more spacious than it looks, with sleeping space for three people and little amenities
tucked into every corner.

Compact RV Rental (19 feet)

RV-rental_RV-interior_C19_1-(1).png The compact RV rental features a unique rear kitchen design with all the amenities of a larger unit. Due to its shorter length, this is the most versatile of the full models, making things like eating out and
parking a cinch.


 With its overhead bed and dinette that converts into a small bed, this model is ideal for groups with up to two adults and a small child, or two adults and a dog. 

Standard RV Rental (25 feet)

Up the storage and sleeping space by choosing the C25 standard RV rental. It comfortably sits and sleeps five people. It’s a popular model for small families or a group of friends on a road trip. 

All of our rental models come with standard amenities, including a shower, toilet, fridge, microwave, gas cooktop and air conditioning. The bigger the RV, the more spacious these amenities become.

Large RV Rental (30 feet)

RV-rental_RV-interior_C30_1-(1).pngSupersize your RV camping experience with the C30 large RV rental model from Cruise America. Between the four sleeping spaces, this model sleeps seven people.

If you have adults that don’t want to climb into the overhead bed, we recommend either the standard or the large RV rental, which both feature floor-level beds.

Got The Vision?

Can you picture yourself in a Cruise America RV rental now? Now picture yourself on one of these grand and glorious RV adventures!