8 Must-try Fall Camping Recipes


Fall is a great time to break out those special, seasonal meals. This is especially true when you are enjoying the great outdoors in your RV rental, because the kitchen amenities in an RV make it so convenient to whip up delicious dishes. Here are some wonderful eats you can make on the road … let the Autumn smorgasbord commence!

Pumpkin Walnut Chili

Few meals are better for a chilly, fall day than … chili! The walnuts add a little bit of fun texture, while the variety of peppers give the recipe just enough kick to warm you right up after a day of outdoor adventures. Add that wonderful fall pumpkin flavor to this fall camping recipe and you’ll have an Autumn gem. 

Photo Credit: Pinch of Yum

Creamy One-pot Pumpkin Pasta

When camping, it’s nice to keep the kitchenware down to a bare minimum. This great one-pot pasta dish lets you do just that. This fall camping recipe provides lots of options for your ingredients and it gets the tastes of the season involved with the nutmeg spice and classic pumpkin-y taste.

rv_rentals_fall_camping_recipes_pumpkin_pasta1.pngPhoto Credit: The Kitchen

Pumpkin Waffles

Infuse the taste of Autumn into your breakfast with this easy fall camping recipe. Pack a waffle iron and simply use your favorite pre-made waffle mix with 1/4 cup of fresh or canned pumpkin. For a little more fall spice, also add a ¼ teaspoon of ground cloves and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Or you can go the extra mile and make things from scratch with this recipe from Taste of Home. 

rv_rental_fall_camping_recipe_pumpkin_waffles.pngPhoto Credit: Taste Of Home

Okay, so the following aren’t strictly fall camping recipes … but we promise that they’re delicious and just the thing for a little cool-weather camping.  

Campfire Nachos

Nachos are a great start to a feast with your family and friends and can even be an entire meal. You can easily make this camping recipe on the stovetop in your RV, but we must say – we really love the taste from the cast iron skill over the fire. 

rv_rental_fall_camping_recipe_campfire_nachos.pngPhoto Credit: Pip and Ebby

Shrimp Foil Packets

This Delish camping recipe can be made on the stove or over a campfire. Simply add in your favorite veggies and spices and you’re set for a scrumptious dinner.

rv_rental_fall_camping_recipes_shrimp_foil_Packets-copy.pngPhoto Credit: Delish

Campfire Pizza

Sometimes, you’re just craving the taste of home, like ooey-gooey pizza! When you like to go off the beaten track for your camping like we do, it’s a little hard to call for a pizza delivery. Thankfully, with this easy camping recipe from The Kitchen Magpie, it’s campfire pizza to the rescue.  

rv_rental_fall_camping_recipe_campfire_pizza.jpgPhoto Credit: The Kitchen Magpie

Walking Tacos

When camping, it’s REALLY nice to have meals that don’t have a lot of ingredients, which makes this camping recipe a crowd favorite. You can have as many or few toppings as you want, making it customizable to your camping crew’s preferences.

rv_rental_fall_camping_recipes_walking_tacos.pngPhoto Credit: I Wash You Dry

Fiery Campfire Veggies

It’s always nice to make a fun side dish for your camping meals, but not always easy to find the right recipe. This one is the perfect partner for chicken, fish, burgers … heck,  just about anything is the perfect pair!

Photo Credit: Bless Her Heart Y’all

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