What 50 Years in Business Have Taught Us About RV Deals


Since first opening in 1972, Cruise America has grown to be the largest RV rental company in both America and Canada. But, in order to grow to 132 locations and hundreds of employees, we've had to be on our toes. We've had to learn a lot about our vehicles, our customers, and the places they go on adventures.

Yes, the past 50 years have taught us a lot about renting and selling RVs and what makes them — and those who love traveling in them — so very special. So, we wanted to share some of what we've learned over these many, many years about RVs and those who love them.

What We've Learned These Past 50 Years

First and foremost, like any truly successful company, we've learned just how much we rely on you, our customers. It was hard to imagine in 1972 just how popular RV traveling would be in 2022. We couldn't have had the success we have had over the decades without the help of our customers from both America and Canada.

As the years have gone by, Americans and Canadians both have increasingly opted to rent or buy RVs for their road trips — much of the time, from Cruise America! Why? Our RV deals have certainly brought in more customers, but we've only been able to provide those because you have made it clear just how important RV traveling is to you!

We've Learned How Your Travel Habits Have Changed

In June 2020, 46 million Americans planned on traveling in an RV within the next twelve months. With only 11 million or so RV owners in the U.S. as of 2021, that means a significant portion of travelers have needed to rely on RV deals and rentals to go on their road trips. Thankfully, a great many of you have chosen to rent an RV from Cruise America or opted to buy one of our refurbished vehicles. We truly owe our success to you!

What kind of vehicles do travelers like? Well, we've learned how varied road trippers' tastes can be and how to cater to them — specifically, to you. It's not just big RV rigs that you're enamored with; you sometimes want smaller RVs for a more intimate experience with your travel companions. You sometimes don't even want a traditional big rig but would prefer trailers you can hitch to your own vehicle.

This means that thanks to you, we've expanded our inventory far beyond what it was in the early 1970s. Today, we're offering options like Adventure Travel Trailers because we've learned how much our customers have come to value the autonomy and convenience that trailers can provide on a road trip.

We've Also Learned How to Serve You Better

You've made us better in other ways, too. We know you'll only keep coming back to us for RV rentals (or recommend us to others in need of a vehicle) if we provide the very best services for you. We've learned how important quality is to you. This means ensuring that our vehicles are well-maintained, clean, and modernized — and that our deals are worth your money. If there's a problem with a vehicle, you tell us right away; we've learned how to be responsive to any concerns you have.

We've Learned Where You Want to Go

Another thing we've learned over the years? Our customers want more from us than just our vehicles; they want our expertise! Specifically, our expertise when it comes to travel planning and road trips! It is a reasonable expectation, isn't it? After all, who may know more about RV road trips than those who excel in selling and renting RVs? Who better to share that knowledge than Cruise America? Exactly: No one!

This is why we publish blog articles with information on various RV travel destinations in both the U.S. and Canada. We truly want to be more for those who rely on us than just a vehicle provider, which is fairly easy; we want to be an experienced provider, too. Our articles and travel guides are painstakingly researched to ensure that those who rely on them know exactly where they can go and what they can do whenever they do go!

We'll Keep Learning From You To Serve You Better

We're thankful for you, and it's because of you that we're not resting on our laurels. At Cruise America, our success speaks for itself, but we don't take our success for granted — not one bit! We've learned, above all, that we have to continue learning, evolving, and striving for you. We've learned that we have to provide the best vehicles, the best RV deals, and the best RV services in order to be the best overall in the industry.

We've learned so much at Cruise America over these past 50 years, and we're not about to stop now. Our hope is that 50 years from now, even more Americans and Canadians will rely on us for the future generations of RVs to come. We're only as successful as we've become because we've learned how to earn that success from you, and we'll keep on learning!