5 Things To Consider Before Buying an RV

If an RV rental is your go-to mode of travel, it may be time to purchase your own. And like any major life event – like owning a home or purchasing your first car – this can be an overwhelming process and it's important to make sure you’re ready for this next step. Here are five things you should consider before buying an RV.

Determine How You Plan To Use Your RV

Why are you considering buying an RV? If this is more of an impulse decision and you’re only planning to use it once or twice a year, it may not be the right time to purchase. The added responsibility of maintaining a large, luxury vehicle won’t be worth it if you aren’t planning to use it often.
However, if you’re looking to take the leap into RV living, extended road trips or frequent vacations, it could be the right move. Once the cost of renting becomes equal to that of owning your own, it’s time to start looking for other options.

Try Before you Buy

The best way to determine what camper is right for you and your family is to rent before you buy a well-maintained, used RV for sale. With an RV rental from Cruise America, you can take a test drive on RV ownership. Go on a few practice trips to see if the RV lifestyle is for you and rent different sized vehicles to get a feel for how they handle on the road, and how much space and storage you really need.
This is a big decision, so it’s important to take your time and see what’s out there. Don’t be afraid to visit multiple dealerships and look at different units to determine what you really want.

Find Your Style

Part of taking your time is making sure you find an RV that best fits your style and needs. Are you looking for a large motorhome with tons of storage space and luxury amenities? Or, maybe you prefer a compact camper that you can park almost anywhere. Whatever it is you’re looking for, make sure you know what you want and stick to your guns.


Know The Annual Costs

There’s more to buying an RV than just the upfront cost. It’s literally an automobile and home in one, which means it requires the maintenance of both. This includes things like insurance, gas, tires, oil changes, kitchen and bathroom repairs, furniture cleaning and more. Take a look at your finances, or speak with your financial advisor, to determine if you are in a position to handle the ongoing expenses of owning an RV.

Consider Buying Used Instead Of New

As with any vehicle purchase, the second you drive a shiny, new RV off the dealership lot, it instantly depreciates in value. However, buying new isn’t the only option. If you look at the right places, you can find used RVs that have been well maintained and run almost as if there are new.
For example, you could consider Cruise America’s refurbished motorhomes. Customers have the opportunity to purchase the RVs that they’ve come to know and trust through our rental program.

Take The Leap

If you’re ready to take the leap into buying an RV, Cruise America can help you through the process. With perks like the rebate program for current renters and our limited warranty, you’re sure to find something that’s right for you. Check out our buyer’s resources page for more information.