5 Reasons to Take Your Family Camping

Family Friendly


When it comes to family vacations, there’s nothing better than a classic camping trip. Making s’mores over an open fire, exploring nature and catching glimpses of wild critters are the experiences that forge the next generation of camping lovers. And according to recent findings, more and more people are catching the camping bug, particularly Millennials with youth families.

An RV rental is a great way to hit the road and head to your favorite camping destinations, especially when your kids are smaller and just getting used to the wild outdoors. Still not sold on the idea? Here are a few reasons why nature is calling your name.  

1. Quality Time

There’s nothing like a new or novel experience to bring a group together. Since RV camping isn’t the everyday norm for most families, when you take out one of our RV rental vehicles, it will be an experience to remember. The digital detox of RV camping is another way to help families come together. Consider implementing screen-free periods so everyone can make some memories together. Great options for activities include road trip games during the drive, everyone pitching in to make food at mealtimes and daily excursions to explore the area around your campsite. 


2. Outdoor Skills

Camping is a great opportunity to teach your kiddos basic outdoor skills. Not only will these skills help them feel more confident in nature but learning them together is yet another opportunity for family bonding. Practice building a campfire, tying knots, using compasses and cooking food on the grill. These are just a few of the skills that are best taught while camping.


Photo Credit: Mael BALLAND on Unsplash

3. Simplistic Living

Life can get a little complicated sometimes. One of our favorite things about camping is that you get to step back and enjoy a simpler way of life free from the distractions and hustle of everyday life. That’s why the best vacations aren’t the lavish escapes to 5-star hotels, but rather the simple adventures that can only be had in the great outdoors. For those who enjoy camping with a little more luxury than the standard campsite, check out these popular glamping spots in California

rv-rental-family-camping-3.jpgPhoto Credit: Priscilla Ann

4. Exercise

Choosing to take your family on a camping trip is a great way to encourage everyone to get outside and get active. Depending on which campground you travel to in your RV rental, there is sure to be tons of outdoor activities. Hiking the trails, swimming in the lakes, playing games outside or just exploring the area are just a few ways to enjoy the outdoors while getting in some physical activity. For those who want to take up surfing, take a look at some of these California surfing beaches for camping

rv-rental-family-camping-4.jpgPhoto Credit: Steve Wiesner on Unsplash

5. Affordability

When it comes to RV camping, it’s transportation and sleeping accommodations all rolled into one, which saves you money in the long run. The best part about saving money on a camping trip is that you can invest more into fun activities at your destination. When you rent an RV from Cruise America, there are also several RV rental deals that are available to make your trip even more affordable. 


Next time you’re in need of a family getaway, consider renting an RV for a camping trip. There are plenty of reasons why camping is an adventure the whole family will love. Not sure where to camp? Check out our picks of family-friendly places to RV camp. To learn more about how you can rent an RV, visit CruiseAmerica.com.