5 Major Advantages of an RV for Your Next Photography Trip by Jordan Banks


There is nothing quite like a good RV photo trip and that’s why wherever possible I choose to travel by RV.  The past few years have seen me travel fairly extensively throughout the USA and Europe taking pictures so thought I would share my 5 major advantages of an RV for your next photography trip.


1. Location

Photographers like to be in places very early and very late to capture those amazing vistas in the best light around sunrise and sunset. What makes an RV so great is that you can set up camp about as close to your chosen location as possible. You literally have your very own instant hotel wherever you find yourself. This is fantastic not just for the fact that you have extra time in bed in the morning but more often than not you will be camped up somewhere pretty idyllic.
Its great to come back after a long day shooting to somewhere warm and cosy and make yourself a coffee of something to eat rather than have to worry about driving anywhere or having to look for something to eat when it’s all right there.


2. Cost

As a travel photographer I spend a lot of time on the road so it’s important that my travel expenses as cost efficient as possible and in the USA, I find RV’s to be the most cost-effective option. Gas costs are going to be slightly higher than a standard car but by the time you have offset the cost of lodgings and dining out every night you will save valuable dollars. You can often find free campsites and even some of the best RV parks are far cheaper than even the most basic hotel. Before I set off on any trip, I stock up on groceries to see me through at least the first week of my journey which saves me a couple of hundred dollars a week on food. Shopping and cooking for myself is often a lot healthier and produces less waste.

3. Flexibility

As a travel and landscape photographer I am constantly chasing those perfect conditions but unfortunately this doesn’t always happen. My weekly plan could easily be disrupted by bad weather meaning I need to stay a little longer than planned at a location. Likewise, the conditions may have been better than expected so I got the shots I wanted/needed and may look to move on early. With an RV you can change your plans as often as you want to, this sort of flexibility just isn’t possible with traditional lodgings.


4. Go off Grid

As a photographer of the great outdoors I like to feel connected to the wild places I am shooting and an RV is the best way to do this. I have the luxuries I require to do my job such as power whilst still keeping my connection with nature. I always find the closer I am to nature the better my images and the representation of a place are which is always the most important thing to me.


5. Exploration

The really beauty of RV travel is the absolute sense of freedom. As you are completely self-sufficient you truly can hit the open road and immerse your self in exploration. The USA has vast areas of natural beauty that are incredibly isolated. With an RV you can set up camp in these remote areas and really explore. In this image rich world, I am always looking for views and locations and this is always possible until you have the ability to stay on site.
I hope you found this useful and I have inspired you to rent an RV for you next photography trip. I can assure you won't regret it, especially when you see the high quality of a Cruise America RVs and get all those amazing photos.
So, what are you waiting for? All you have to do now is get out the map, plan your route and pack the camera gear.

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Jordan Banks is a  Travel & Documentary Photographer, Filmmaker & Educator from London with over 20 years of experience shooting assignments and hi-end content for travel, tourism and lifestyle brands and companies. He has been on 3 Cruise America RV trips throughout different parts of the United
States.  Jordan also runs photography tours and workshops in the US and around the world.  To see more of his adventures visit him on Instagram or visit his website.