4 Reasons to Choose RV Travel


Traveling is, no doubt, a great experience; however, it can be stressful, as well. Traveling in a family car means that you’ll be spending a lot of time in a cramped vehicle, and a lot of money on food and lodging. Plane travel equates to spending a lot of money on tickets, as well as a substantial amount of time spent at busy, crowded airports.

Traveling in an RV is a great alternative, with several advantages. A top-of-the-line class C rental RV from Cruise America allows you to travel in comfort, while experiencing fun and adventure before you even reach your final destination! Of course, with an RV rental from Cruise America, you don’t even need a final destination, because the journey is half the fun of getting there. Here are just a few of the reasons why RV travel is a must for anyone looking for a relaxing adventure:

1. Less $$$

When you travel by RV, it feels like you must be traveling in luxury that would be very costly, but to the contrary; traveling in a rental RV from Cruise America usually means saving money. Plane tickets (and all of the associated fees) can be very costly. Plus, once you reach your destination, you’ll have to rent a hotel room, which can be just as expensive. If you choose to drive to your destination in a car, you’ll have to stop for food and lodging along the way. This makes it costly to make detours to see additional sites and locations along the way, because it probably means more hotel rooms and meals to buy. If you travel in an RV, you’ll be carrying your hotel room with you, so there’s no need to pay for overnight accomodations, and no expensive restaurants to support. With a rental RV, you keep your bed, living room, car, kitchen and bathroom with you, so you can choose to spend your money on activities and fun rather than food and lodging. RV travel is economical. In most instances, families end up doing more while on vacation because they spend less money when they travel via RV.

2. Flexibility and Freedom

When you travel in your rental RV, you have way more freedom and flexibility on your trip. You can stop at many extra locations along the way without paying more money for rooms or flights. They are a great way to see all kinds of different landmarks in just one visit. Because an RV is like a self-contained hotel room, you can even head into the wilderness for some real camping on your trip. There are many different experiences you can have in an RV, so traveling by recreational vehicle is the best way to successfully arrange a vacation customized to please you and your family.

3. Family Bonding

For families, RV travel is a wonderful way to bond and make family memories. One of the best advantage is that there’s a substantial increase in the amount of quality time spent with your family. Instead of arguing and bickering because everybody is stressed, you can experience a number of fun, relaxing family activities that tend to relieve stress and encourage a little laughter. At Cruise America, we’re known for our ability to offer families the opportunity to spend some real quality time together. RV travel gives you time and space to let you share the moments of fun and adventure with your family. And, that’s all before you even arrive at your vacation destination!

4. Adventure

Riding in an RV is an adventure. Even if you have your trip planned out perfectly, there will always be something you missed. You never know when something off the set agenda could catch your eye, making you stop to experience exciting, new locations, activities, and venues. That’s one of the beauties about traveling in a Cruise America RV; you can follow a plan, or you can play it by ear and simply see what the road has to offer.

Choosing to travel in a rental RV is definitely an adventure that will never be forgotten … no matter how many trips you go on. If you want a great vacation where you can see everything the road has to offer, the choice is simple— grab a rental RV from Cruise America and see the world the way it was meant to be seen.