4 Unforgettable Ways to Celebrate Halloween Outdoors


The season of ghouls, superheroes and witches has arrived! But don’t think you have to stay at boring, old home to get in on the festivities. Break free from the ordinary  by hitting the road in your RV rental to celebrate the spookiest time of year. Whether you’re looking to trick-or-treat with your kids or get a good scare with friends, here are our top ways to celebrate Halloween outdoors this fall. 

Go Trick-or-Treating Through The Campground

If your kids don’t want to miss out on the excitement of trick-or-treating, find a campground that offers plenty of Halloween activities. There are many that encourage campers to decorate their campsites and bring candy to share with neighbors. Others also offer plenty of ghoulish fun like costume parades, crafts, games, haunted cornfields and more. 
One great example is Fort Boonsborough State Park in Richmond, Kentucky, where the Halloween fun lasts for 13 days and nights and comes complete with a camper decoration contest. Check out this article for more Halloween-friendly campsites that are perfect for families. 

Stay At a Haunted Campsite or City

This Halloween camping idea is not for the faint of heart. If your crew is feeling brave, take a ghostly adventure by spending All Hallow’s Eve in a haunted campground. Here are just a few campgrounds and cities that boast interactions with the paranormal:

  • Holy Ghost Campground, New Mexico: According to the legend, a murderous priest haunts this campground. 
  • New Orleans, Louisiana: New Orleans is known for more than just Bourbon Street. With a rich history filled with voodoo, vampires and ghosts, campers can take one of the many haunted tours before retreating to their campground for safety. 
  • Hocking Hills, Ohio: Just outside of Athens, Ohio sits the remains of the Athens Lunatic Asylum. Campers can take a walking tour during Halloween time or hike the nearby trails in hopes of catching a ghost siting. 

Tell Ghost Stories Around The Campfire

This activity is great for campers of all ages. Whether you have an RV full of kids or are camping with a group of friends, nothing screams Halloween like a creepy tale. As the sun sets, gather everyone around the campfire for some hair-raising fun. Add eerie effects like music, a flickering flashlight and even an assistant to sneak up behind your guests for a scare. 

Celebrate_Halloween_Outdoors_friends.jpgPhoto Credit: Toa Heftiba

Decorate Your Campsite

Taking a trip over Halloween doesn’t mean you have to miss the fun of decorating your home. Instead, get in the spooky spirit by adding fun décor to your home on wheels for the weekend. You won’t have to worry about getting your RV rental messy when you carve some jack-o-lanterns outside. Just be sure to practice fire safety by using flameless candles to light your pumpkin at night. You can also bring your own decorations from home or get creative by using recycled materials from your campsite, like a milk jug ghost or a toilet paper roll bat.  

Enjoy the Boo-tiful Outdoors

The best part of spending any holiday outdoors is getting to experience nature in a whole new way. So try incorporating some of your own Halloween traditions with these festive activities for a fun and spooky treat. Share your Halloween adventures with us on social media by tagging @CruiseAmericaRV!