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Illinois has been nicknamed the Prairie State for the sprawling fields and open spaces that make up this beautiful part of the United States. Because Illinois covers such a vast expanse of land, one of the best ways to see everything is to rent a motorhome from Cruise America. There are countless things to see or do in the Midwest and an RV can help travelers reach them all in a timely manner. Illinois is littered with great RV camping spots and parking sites. Here are some great reasons to visit the Prairie State in an RV.

1. The Origin of Route 66 - Route 66 is an iconic highway that spreads across a majority of the United States. This well-known road was made famous in the 60`s by a hit song and TV show, and has since become known around the world. As Route 66 is usually associated with the southwest, many people don`t know that it starts in Chicago and runs through the entirety of Illinois. This is a great road trip in your Cruise America RV, as there are still many quaint shops and old farms lining the old-time highway. Route 66 in Illinois is littered with historical sites and goes through some of the state`s major cities such as Chicago and Springfield.

2. Chicago, Illinois - While Chicago isn`t the capital of Illinois, it is certainly the most popular city in the area. No motorhome tour through the Prairie State would be complete without a stop in Chicago. This city is an urban metropolis on the seas of the mighty Lake Michigan. Visitors should go to the top of Willis Tower to get a view of the entire city from the tallest point. During the evening, Navy Pier lights up with attractions ranging from a ferris wheel and maze to charter boats and fishing. Another major reason to visit Chicago is the cuisine. This city is famous for deep dish style pizza that can`t be passed up when in the area.

3. Land of Lincoln - For all of those historical fans, traveling through Illinois in a Cruise America RV is a great chance to experience what has become known as the Land of Lincoln. The famous 16th President of the US was born in Illinois and spent much of his political and professional life in the Prairie State. Springfield, the capital of Illinois, has a host of historical sites and museums dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Lincoln`s birth home and the Lincoln Tomb and War Memorials are all sites that should be visited when stopping by Springfield on an RV trip. There are countless, lesser-known sites throughout the Prairies State paying homage to Lincoln.

4. Starved Rock State Park - The midwestern portion of the US is known for dense forests and beautiful state parks. Illinois is certainly no exception with the stunning Starved Rock State Park. Located in the northern portion of the state, Starved Rock is renowned for its steep limestone canyons that have been created by constant water flow over hundreds of years. This state park includes over 13 miles of trail traversing the diverse landscape and countless water falls to find and enjoy. There are even some swimming opportunities to cool off. Starved Rock State Park is a great place to camp in an RV for several nights.

5. Illinois Beach State Park - The Illinois Beach State Park is one of the best places to visit for those driving around in an RV. Besides being an easy place to park and keep and RV rental in Illinois, this state park is also a beautiful setting alongside the colossal Lake Michigan. With water reaching as far as the eyes can see, it will the Illinois Beach State Park will certainly feel like a real beach on the ocean. This state park is RV friendly with pull-in camping spots and a lot of room to maneuver.

A Place to Stay - Illinois is one of the most RV friendly states in the US, making it a great vacation for those wanting to take a large vehicle. The highways and roads are well-connected and constructed with lots of space. There is no shortage of places to stay when driving an RV through Illinois. State parks offer RV accommodation for a very affordable price throughout the state. KOA, Kampgrounds of America, are also scattered throughout the state and offer full hook-up sites especially designed for RV`s. If neither of these options are available, some public stores allow RV`s to camp in their parking lot free of charge. Cracker Barrel and Wal-Mart are two examples.

While the Prairie state is often overshadowed by more popular states in the US, Illinois is arguably the best place for motorhome rental and exploration. As a relatively flat state, getting around in an RV is easy and stress free. When paired with a long list of amazing things to see, a Cruise America RV trip in Illinois is a no-brainer.

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