Discover Idaho

In order to truly enjoy the great outdoors, you need to be there live and in person, as there are no cameras that can feel the cool breeze, smell the evergreen fragrance of the pine trees swaying above or take in the sounds of the wind as it makes its way through the treetops. But you can, and you can do it all from the comfort of your Idaho RV rental from Cruise America. Here is a road trip that will give you an idea of just what we’re talking about:

The black and green walls of Hells Canyon plunge a spectacular 8,000 feet to the floor of the valley below. It makes its way along the Idaho-Oregon border aside the Seven Devils Mountain Range. Don’t miss out on a guided float trip, or a jet boat tour as you cruise between the massive walls of basalt in this massive canyon.

Lake Coeur d’Alene (CDA) spans a whopping 26 miles, providing a shoreline of more than 135 miles long. You can enjoy swimming, boating, skiing, cruising on a guided tour of the lake, take a ride in one of the seaplanes, parasail, hike in the hills that stretch out into the lake, and then satisfy your hunger at one of the fine restaurants in the fabulous CDA Resort, or at one of the fine eateries all along the street that passes through the town. It only takes one glimpse of the cozy little downtown shopping area to make you warm up your checkbook! From old-time candy shops to exquisite antique dealer outlets, you’ll find it all in CDA. Oh, and there is plenty of great camping for your RV rental in the area.

Silverwood Theme Park is not just an average run-of-the-mill theme park … it’s the largest of its kind in the entire Pacific Northwest! A large part of the park makes up the world-renowned waterpark, Boulder Beach Bay. That alone could keep your attention for days on end, and the entertainment and food in the park are rivaled only by the thrill rides that are waiting for you to board. And after all the action of the day, you can always retreat to the cool comfort of your motorhome rental from Cruise America.
The Route of the Hiawatha
This bike trail is an old converted rail-trail that meanders alongside the St. Joe River for 15 miles. You can cruise on your bikes over 7 beautiful trestle bridges and peddle through 10 train tunnels. And here’s the kicker … it’s all downhill, and shuttles are ready to pick you up at the end of the trail and take you back up the hill to your waiting rental RV!

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area is the one of the best examples one could find to explore the Gem State of Idaho. In fact, it could serve as an entire family vacation! With 300 lakes that sit high in the mountains, to 700 miles of hiking trails just waiting to be conquered, there is no end to the many activities that await you in this exquisite area. The park consists of 756,000 acres, and offers camping, backpacking, fishing, boating and canoeing, rafting, observing nature, photography and bicycling.

If you’d like to escape this world and head into an area of a more celestial feel, visit the Craters of the Moon park. It is virtually a huge ocean of lava-coated terrain where you’ll find lava tubes, cinder cones and fissures. You can head up the hill to the top of the inferno cone to gaze over the 750,000-acre wonder with all of its lava formations.

Yellowstone Bear World is fairly descriptive of just what you get when you pull into this free-roaming habitat. You can get an up-close-and-personal view not only black bears and grizzly bears, but grey wolves, bison, elk, mule deer, white-tail deer and moose—all from the comfort and safety of your Cruise America rental motorhome. You’ll even get the opportunity to pet some little bear cubs!

The water of Idaho’s Shoshone Falls plunges a whopping 212 feet, which makes it even taller than Niagara Falls! It is best viewed in summer and spring when the water is flowing at its greatest levels. There is great camping in the area for your RV rental, as well as playgrounds, neat and clean picnic areas, hiking trails and a swimming area. Oh, and don’t miss the spectacular overlook for a grand family photo op.

To take a gander at one of Mother Nature’s best balancing act, drive your class C rental motorhome to Balanced Rock. It’s one of the most bizarre formations you’ll ever lay eyes on. It is a 40-ton rock that is precariously balanced on its small, skinny base. The rock stands 48’ tall, and for millenniums has been slowly etched by blowing sand and the various elements.

For one last adventure on your Idaho road trip, visit Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park. It was more than 12,000 years ago that the Bonneville flood waters receded, leaving a great deal of sand behind. The wind eventually carried the sand to Bruneau Basin, and now Bruneau Dunes State Park can lay claim to the highest single-structured sand dune on the entire North American Continent. Also in the park is Idaho’s largest observatory, where you can star gaze, then rent a sandboard and sand surf down the 470-foot dune.

Your family will never forget the memories that are made in your Cruise America rental motorhome. In fact, you might fall in love and consider purchasing one. Be sure to check out our used RVs for sale!