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Discover British Columbia

British Columbia (BC) lies on the west coast of Canada. It’s a very large province, evidenced by the fact that it’s almost four times the size of Great Britain, yet there is less than one tenth of the population in BC. Within this province is one of our Cruise Canada motorhome rental locations, which makes this a great starting point for an exciting adventure in a British Columbia rental RV.

BC is a very mountainous area, with the mountain ranges running from the coast to the border of Alberta. These ranges include the Rockies, the Selkirks, the Purcells and the coastal range, so there is no shortage of beautiful drives to take in your RV rental from Cruise Canada.

In British Columbia, there is something for every member of your family or traveling party. Aside from the main cities of the province, you’ll be able to enjoy the outer regions and explore the great outdoors in your RV rental from Cruise Canada. Whether your preference is a walking nature tour of ancient rainforests and the giant trees within, or visiting the alpine meadows and lakes, or strolling along the brilliantly colored seaside tide pools, you’re going to enjoy your time in the province. You can watch the salmon into December, winter surf, storm watch and mountain ski in the mild climate.

Some of the points of interest in the province of BC are:

Known as the biggest city in BC, Vancouver is always ranked in the top three most livable cities in the world. The population of the metropolitan area of the city is 2.5 million strong, which makes it the third-largest city in Canada. Some of the attractions to see while in the area would be Stanley Park (the largest of its kind in North America), where you can stroll the pristine beaches, walk miles of trails, and visit Canada’s largest aquarium. In this park, you will find several spots that are kid-friendly, too. Be sure to visit the culturally-diverse neighborhoods of Little Italy, Japantown, or the Punjabi market. Oh, and there is also a great deal of quality rental RV camping in and around the area.

This city is the capital of British Columbia. It’s located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. This is a popular city for recreation and eco-tourism and Canadian RV camping. While it has the feel of a small town within its suburbs, Victoria has a progressive, flourishing culture, and acts as a center for the arts. The crime rate is low and the standard of living is high.

This region equates to sun and fun, wineries and beaches in the Okanagan Lake, along with boating in the Shuswap and rivers, waterfalls and mountains in the Thompson River Valley. Try camping next to the ocean in your rental RV, and you’ll never want to camp anywhere else!

If you are looking to get away from the metropolitan city life, this is a great region in which you’ll find natural beauty and outdoor adventure—just right for a camping advrnture in your rental motorhome. It is known for its alpine skiing and cat skiing because of the large amount of snow that falls there. Summers, however, are warm and sunny. The Kootenays are also known for hot springs, lakes and deep valleys.

Canyons and the Cariboo
This region is located in the central interior of the BC province. It is an area of distinct contrasting scenery with the deep gorges and the whitewater of Fraser Canyon, which gives way to the rolling plains of the Cariboo Plateau, and beautiful areas for cruising in one of our Canada RVs for rent. As far as outdoor activities, there is no limit! There are hiking and biking trails galore for any level of ability, there’s canoeing and portage tours through the remote lakes of the area, and you can even explore the open range on horseback, fishing the back-country waters for trout, and a lot of bear watching.

North and Central Coast
This region is stretched along the Pacific coast from the Queen Charlotte Strait in the south to the Alaska Panhandle in the north. The majority of this region is made up of vast expanses of untouched wilderness and home to very few humans. The most developed part of the region is along the Yellowhead highway. The labyrinthine ocean inlets are a stark contrast to the first-growth rainforest that meets the brilliant white snowcapped peaks. The climate is rather temperate as you near the coastal regions, but the temperatures drop as you travel east and north of the ocean. To tour this area in an RV rental is a real treat.

If you didn’t carefully plan ahead for your trip in one of our Cruise Canada RV rentals, you could conceivably just point it in any direction and go, and you’d still hit beautiful landscapes and scenery that is unprecedented. Nevertheless, we do encourage you to make plans ahead of time!