Cruise America, the # 1 RV rental company in North America, has RV dealership opportunities available now for established businesses looking to grow, to earn greater profits and to have fun too by joining the exciting world of RV rentals – one of America's fastest growing service industries. No capital investment on your part. Some monthly telephone and computer system fees are all that's required.

We provide insured late model RVs along with the systems and marketing support for you to rent RVs. The Cruise America branded RVs are the most recognizable RVs in the industry giving you a head start on the path to extra profits. We pay you a commission on rental revenues collected at your center – plus an extra commission incentive on RV rental business you generate.

So if you are looking to increase your income and you are able to take the time to learn and grow the RV rental business in your market area, a Cruise America dealership may be right for both of us. A few questions you will have to address:

  • Does your business have the space to park and display RVs securely?
    We want you to grow the RV rental business to well over 6 figures per year and you will need space to grow the business.
  • Does your business rely on incoming telephone calls right now?
    We want and expect your team to answer the Cruise America telephone line properly – converting calls to customers is the quickest path to earn extra commissions.
  • Are you and your team willing to care for the RVs (at our expense) and provide high quality customer service?
    We have and we will expect you to meet or exceed our service and quality standards. Repeat customers and positive word of mouth advertising are certain to increase your income potential.
  • Sound interesting?
    Then fill out the questionnaire below.


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